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My books

My book Luckyman is still available.

It is an insight into my experiences since the heart attack I had in Helsinki airport in Jan 2013.

It covers how lucky I was to have 2 English doctors sitting behind me, the amazing treatment I received following my octuple bypass operation and my recovery.

If it helps one person avoid what happened to me then I will be a very happy boy.

Please email me if you would like a copy and I will get one to you.

Amur - the Tiger who wouldn't die

This particular book was inspired by my brother Ken following a gig he did in Russia to help raise funds for the Tiger preservation society in the North East corner of Russia.

The Siberian Tiger is one of the rarest creatures on this planet and is also one of the most beautiful.

They are hunted ruthlessly for their skins and other medical subsatnces that people claim can be got from the Tiger.

The book follows a family of 3 and when the elder male is captured and taken the youner male has to grow up really quickly and adapt to life without his "dad."

Time passes and somehow the elder male escapes and makes his way back to the forest where he is reconnected with his family.

The book is available and if you'd like a copy please email me and I'll let you know how you can get a copy.


The Poems and Pictures of a Luckyman

The Poems and Pictures of a Luckyman came together due to a series of coincidences.

I had been taking a lot of pictures and building my collection and at the same time I was writing poems.

I sat down one night and the two just came together, don't ask me how but the result is the book and it is available if anyone would like a copy.

A short trip into imagination

I love science fiction and science fantasy and this book is a collection of short stories I have written so far.

I am sure there will be more in this series, there is one character, called 551, that is being developed for a book of it's own.

One of our fairies is missing

One of our fairies is missing was my first venture into writing books with the aim to get one published.

I have always made up stories for my kids but I eventually found the time and the inspriation to actually write them down.



One of our fairies is missing, is a story about how a very small fairy is blown away by the wind whilst out painting the daffodils.


The story tells of how the Fairy Circle enlists the help of two little girls, Daisy and Lulu, to help them find the missing fairy and get her home safely.

I have two other stories in this series and will get them out soon.

If you would like more information or a copy of any of them please get in touch using the email address below.



Email: trevordohensley@gmail.com









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