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I have released several albums on the past 6/7 years and here's a list of them with the latest release first.

I am always writing and plan to bring out a new album early in 2016.

Demos of many of these songs can be found on the My Music page

The same but different

This is a collection of my songs that have been worked on by friends of mine and they have come up with some fantastic new versions of them.

I put the album together and released it in 2015.

It also includes three songs that I did with Ken back in 1995, these recordings very rare.

A Clean Slate

This is the first album I released following my heart attack which happened in Helsinki back in January 2013, the album was released in 2014.

It was a great opportunity to share how I feel and explain some of the feelings that I've been through since my "adventure".

Listen out there

This one came out in 2012 and like And the sun stood still, it is stories and commentary on my life, the life around me and how I feel about some of the darker things that happen in our world.

And the sun stood still

This album was reelased in 2011 and is a collection of songs that I recorded with my good friend Stefan Allsebrook.

Each one is a little story and is an insight into me and what I feel about life.


This is a single that I wrote back in 2013 specifically for the charity concert that Ken and I played at, along with a lot of our musician friends, to raise money for the hospital in Helsinki that looked after me, kept me alive and now I am here to tell my stories and share them with you.

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